Digitised medical Records

The sophisticated, yet easy-to-use Swiss made app gives you the freedom to carry and access all your medical records on your smartphone anytime, anywhere. Now you can comb through your medical files and find the relevant information without the hassle of physically carrying the files.


How it works

Save unlimited medical documents under one user, all for free!

The interface of Y-HLTH is so easy that saving your electronic health records is as simple as clicking a picture on your phone and uploading it on a social networking site.

For easy access to your medical records in the future, Y-HLTH app stores the documents in a timeline format.

Just imagine a country which has more than a billion mobile phone users, a quarter of which are smartphone owners, what a state-of-the-art app like Y-HLTH would do. What's more? You can save up to 100 medical documents under one user all for free!

Health Records


Download the Y-HLTH app on your smartphone
Register the user.

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Click the pictures of your prescription, lab reports and other medically relevant data and upload it on the app.

And sit back and relax!

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